SL offers a huge number of hunts and events 24/7.
Why organize another one?
What is different?
Why do we do this?

From our first moments in SL, hunts, lucky chairs, MM Boards, mini-events and
gachas were a part of our virtual days.
First of all, it was a chance for us of finding some great items for free or very low-priced. Then we discovered how much fun it was. We started grouping with friends and doing hunts together, helping each other and meeting new people.
For the stores it has always been a perfect way of promoting themselves, getting some new customers and spreading the word.

After going though hundreds (felt sense) of hunts, being a part of some ourselves and having visited almost every event there is in SL, we now feel ready and brave enough to organize some Events for you that hopefully will turn out just as good and maybe better.

As already said, there are loads of hunts. Some are great, some are dissapointing.

We will always do our best to make the name -Windfall Events- give you a good feeling.
We want you to know that you can have a good time and fun hunting and shopping without any trouble, and with our promise that you will end up with a whole bag full of items that you will love.
You’ll be visiting amazing shops and places you will want to landmark and return to.
And if, after all, you should find something that you didn’t like or had problems with, please let us know and make suggestions. We are open for any idea that can make this project more pleasant for everyone.


We are planning and organizing different hunts and events.
You can apply for any of them.
Once applied and accepted, you are added to the designer/blogger list.
Designers receive informations about every upcoming event, giving them the chance to join or skip.
Bloggers automatically receiving the gifts of every hunt we organize. This is a unique chance – We trust you will do the designers justice.

Once enough designers have joined, we will announce the dates for the next events, giving designers the chance to re-apply (or leave it if the date isn’t good for you. You will have better luck next time.)
Dates will be set in a way leaving enough time for you to work on the event items/gifts.
The number of stores will always be limited to keep things exciting.



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