Redesign ?

Dear followers, hunters and event-fans,

it has turned out that our summer break will transition into something I want to call a quarter-break.
Not only have things in our private life caused little time to organize bigger events, but also we got the impression that there are so many events going on out there, that the interest in ours was rather modest.
We are still very interested in working on something useful, something different, something informative, funny, maybe something completely new. So we will use the coming weeks and months wisely to see what we could do to bring a breath of fresh air into your SL. It may not necessarily associate with hunts or events in the common sense (as I said, we feel there might be to many and it is hard for us, full time working people, to organize events of the same size and quality as the well-known ones in order to get your attention), but we believe there is always room for a new idea.

So please, let us know if you got any ideas. Be it handy things and information you are missing in your daily SL, or other projects you want to share and think we could support you with in any way. Hopefully we will find a gap in the system we can fill.

If you are a member of our inworld group: Yes it will stay rather quiet for some time and you can of course leave, whenever you need free groupspaces. But we would be happy to see you follow our blog and stay updated? Hopefully there will be new things soon you might be interested in.

Thank you for your interest and support so far.
Have a great time and … you always meet twice!





Über Livia

Hello! Thank your for visiting my blog. I hope you find something you like. Please feel free to leave a comment, I'm thankful for your ideas and suggestions. You can contact me here, or inworld. My name inworld is: livialexis Resident

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